Salvage & Marine Recovery


We offer marine and general salvage, assistance with distressed shipment cargo and deal with end of line products or any other products under dispute. SSP is able to manage the removal of damaged inventories, perform inventory audits, supply removal equipment and provide storage for the products until a proper sale can be actioned.


Marine Recovery

Ocean cargo and intermodal shipments; freight forwarders and specialized commodities (such as chemicals, high-tech, garments and foodstuffs) Disaster scenarios involving loss of goods, damage to good or shipments. Our marine recovery specialists have years of experience in handling damaged or at risk marine cargoes and shipments. As experts in Marine Recovery we can save you money and time and negate any bad situation you may find yourself in by order of mishap or accident.


Other Salvage services include:

  • Road Salvage
  • Grain Recovery
  • Animal Stockfeed
  • Distressed Shipments
  • End of Line Products







Cargo Recovery

Salvage and Stockfeed are Cargo Recovery Consultants providing a service to the shipping and insurance industries. We are professional problem solvers. We are specialists in recovering cargo after a mishap or accident. Our team of recovery experts secures the distressed cargo and procures it for resale or general salvage.

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