Milling Specialists

Millers of wheat producing cake flour and bread flour

ProGrain was established in 2006 with the vision of being at the forefront of wheat flour production & maize bags distribution. The mill was build on a custom designed 10,000 sq m in Broadlands, Durban. Over the last 6 years the business has grown considerably and now houses approximately R30 million of specialised wheat milling equipment as well as maize bags, and has three times the output of the original milling plant first installed in 2006.

Our milling machinery consist of two wheat mill plants, the smaller Agrex mill capable of 3mt/hr runs our cake flour & specialised flour lines and the larger Satake mill capable of 5mt/hr which also runs cake flour and our bread flour lines. We have a total capacity of 8mt/hr which equates to 4000Mt of wheat milled per month.

The mill runs 24 hours a day 6 days a week to maximize volumes and has a total staff compliment of 50. ProGrain utilises its experienced staff with all the intake processes, quality testing, milling, maize bags packing and distribution managed on site. In our business, although quantity is essential, quality and consistency are of the utmost importance. At ProGrain we regard these as our two key attributes. So our customers can be confident that at any given time, these criteria will always be met.

Quality is constantly measured by our on-site laboratory which now boasts a new test bakery. Our quality and food safety team is also currently getting ready for FSSC22000 accreditation early next year to ensure that our products can be traced from farm to fork.


•  Pro Cake Wheat Flour:
Our premium brand is a all-purpose cake flour guaranteed to contain a protein level of above 10.5%, which can be used by everyone, from home bakers to experienced bakeries.
Available in the following pack sizes: 10kg, 12.5kg & 25kg bags

•  Pro White Bread Flour:
Ground from the endosperm of the wheat kernel is milled primarily for commercial bakers. Although similar to all purpose flour it has greater gluten strength and is generally used for yeast breads.
Available in the following pack sizes: 12.5kg, 25kg & 50kg bags

•  Pro Brown Bread Flour:
Like white bread flour is ground from the endosperm of the wheat kernel and milled primarily for commercial bakers, it differs in such that it has between 7% – 12% bran added to the flour. Brown bread flour is zero VAT rated.
Available in the following pack sizes: 12.5kg, 25kg & 50kg bags

•  Dried Cake Flour:
We run one of a handful of dried plant systems in South Africa that offers our clients a facility to dry their produced cake flour. This enables us to provide very low moisture flour that can be used in various food items, such as dry soup mix.

Bran being the secondary product of flour milling and is used mainly for feeds.

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