Bulk Bags


Salvage & Stockfeed Parcels are suppliers of new & used or second hand fully refurbished one ton bulk bags in Gauteng, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town . These bulk bags are produced by using the best quality polypropylene materials and generally have a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 1000kg or one ton. Custom made bags can be manufactured or sourced by Gauteng Bulk Bags on request. Our polypropylene bags are widely used for the packing of products such as sugar, salt, seeds, grains, mining minerals, chemicals, building materials, garden refuse and for recycling purposes. Our global and national network allows us to offer custom made bulk bags from multiple manufacturers.


The following industries use Bulk Bags:


  • The Construction Industry uses such bags for gravel, cement, clay
  • The Chemical Industry
  • The Food Industry uses such bags for Salt, Sugar, Flour, Dextrose, Starch
  • The Agricultural Sector uses such bags for Grain, Seeds, nuts, potatoes
  • The Plastics Industry uses such bags for Polymers, Resin, Pellets
  • The Mining Industry
  • The Pharmaceutical Industry


Please note: Strictly cash or EFT prior to upliftment for purchase on bags





Purchasing & Trading


Salvage & Stockfeed Parcels regularly purchase misprinted bags, cancelled customer bulk bag orders or end of line products. We would welcome any offers from bulk bag manufacturers, bulk bag traders and product manufacturers who have either new or used 2nd hand bulk bags or used 50kg polypropylene bags for sale.


50kg Polypropylene bulk bags

62CM X 95CM
New: R3.30 / UNIT / unit (Excl. VAT, Ex Durban Warehouse)
2nd Hand: R2.50 / UNIT / unit (Excl. VAT, Ex Durban Warehouse)



50kg bulks bags2

1 Ton Polypropylene bulk bags

95cm X 95cm X 110cm
Full opening duffle top with draw string closure
Bottom discharge spout with closure
4 x lifting straps

SWL: 1000kg
These bags have all been process and are baled in packs of 10
New: R114.00 / unit (Excl. VAT, Ex Durban Warehouse)
2nd Hand: R54.50 / unit (Excl. VAT, Ex Durban Warehouse)


1ton bulk bags

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